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Wednesday, 12 March 2008 00:57

Version 0.9.5 (4 September 2007)

- Fixed send error when no POP3 session exists and the email client is configured to log into SMTP server separately (as opposed to logging into POP3 server before sending).
- Truncate username before, since we don't expect it in this field.

Version 0.9.4 (3 September 2007)

- Fixed issues with Yahoo original and beta mail and cookies.
- Upgraded cUrl to 7.16.4

Version 0.9.1 (25 August 2007)

- Fixed issue with length of line in ypops.ini file. This allows longer list of folders.
- Fixed serious memory leaks.
- Check for Yahoo! Mail Beta better in non-US domains.
- If to empty trash on exit, do it regardless if we downloaded any emails or not.
- True support for Yahoo Mail Beta.
- Fixed recent yahoo changes to original mail.

Version 0.8.8 (6nd December 2006)

+ Handle "Invalid ID or password" error with a pop-up dialog showing the error with hint how to solve it.
+ Handle Yahoo Shortcuts introduction message automatically so that login is successful.
+ Give error dialog if unexpected page encountered during login.
+ When YPOPs detects error "Your login session has expired.", give helpful hints how to solve it.
+ Include the account name in the login verify window title.

Version (2nd November 2006)

! Fixed EACESS (permission denied) error with locking on Windows (try until lock acquired). Try up to 30 seconds to obtain lock (not forever).

Version (31st October 2006)

! Fixed EPERM error with locking on Windows (try until lock acquired). Try up to 30 seconds to obtain lock (not forever).

Version 0.8.7 (18th October 2006)

# Support Yahoo! Mail Beta. YPOPs! will force it's own sessions to use the original web interface even if users have switched to beta. This way, users won't have to deal with these beta issues. In the long run, we need to use the SOAP API, but this will do for the moment.
+ Put all ini file settings in the file - previously, defaults were excluded on the windows version. This allows users to copy some settings to an account section and modify it as needed. Hopefully some day someone can enhance the config UI to work with account-specific settings.
! Implement locking for the ypops.ini file to prevent other threads from trying to read it at the same time, clobbering over one another. This also prepares for a future version of YPOPs! being separated in 2 parts - a GUI front end the user can run and the service back end that works even without the GUI parts.
+ Any dialog that ypops pops up during a send/receive (yahoo error, send verify, login verify) will automatically time out after 10 minutes, and it will be as though you cancelled or closed the dialog.
+ If you have a Yahoo Mail Plus account that can send from different email addresses, YPOPs! now supports this. Simply enter the desired email address in the email client in the account setup, and YPOPs! will pass this along to Yahoo. Note that the email address must be set up as a mail account in the mail options in Yahoo.

Version (17th July 2006)

! Fixed issues with Email Category not retaining the value.
! Fixed YahooDomain being "" when registry or flat file is converted to ypops.ini.
! Any string setting in ypops.ini that is empty will be set to the default value internally.

Version 0.8.6 (15th July 2006)

# Moved settings to ypops.ini file instead of Windows registry or Unix flat file. On startup, the current settings are migrated to the new ypops.ini file. The .ini file will be located in the folder where YPOPs is started. Thank you Neil Marco for your code contributions!
+ With the ypops.ini file, each Yahoo account can have different settings (however, the ypops.ini file must be edited by hand currently - by adding a section named after the yahoo account. For instance, if you have a Yahoo account named abc, you would have an [abc] section with whatever settings you want to associate with that account. Note that some YPOPs settings are not applicable at the account level, such as the ypops network IP address. Note that some people specify This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as the account name or username to log into the yahoo server from within their email client. This is not recommended, and if you do this, the section name in ypops.ini would have to be [ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ].
# YPOPs no longer stores the setting for "Automatically start YPOPs when Window starts" with the other settings (now the .ini file). Instead, it checks to see if the shortcut exists in the Startup folder. This prevents the setting from getting out of sync with reality.
! On connect, don't send response back to email client until we actually read the inbox. This prevents condition where the email client and YPOPs get out of sync and inbox error is not properly reported to the email client.
! Implemented critical section locking for Unix to prevent issues with multiple sessions going at the same time. Thank you Shan Will! Also fixed some Unix compile errors.
+ Added config option under misc for Yahoo domain. This allows users and other international users to use ypops with their non-US Yahoo account.
# When a yahoo error occurs, prefix the titlebar with the account name, so that the user can tell which account has the error.

Version 0.8.5 (7th Apr 2006)

! Fixed porting issues with Linux port (thanks Marcos).
! Fixed crash with advanced logging right after login to Yahoo.
# Added clarification what a "session" is in the session config page.
# Added better handling for Yahoo Beta - instruct user how to switch out of beta.
# Dump message header/body pages from Yahoo even on success and some more logging for improved troubleshooting.
# Better error messages for some SMTP/POP3 socket exceptions.
# Upgraded third party libraries to newer versions:
- cUrl 7.15.1 (from 7.15.0)
- openssl 0.9.8a (from 0.9.7d)

Version 0.8.4 (20th Dec 2005)

- Desupport Text-Only and MD5. Yahoo's web site only supports HTTPS login, and MD5 is not neccessary on top of that. YPOPs! will simply ignore your settings and use https, and the configuration screen no longer has these settings. This makes the login process consistent with how the web site works.
! Socket errors encountered when communicating with the email client will be reported instead of ignored to aid troubleshooting.
# The options dialog now has a flat list on the left side for easier navigation, and security is renamed to Session (since the cookie timeout is session related).
# The Send - Verify dialog now clarifies you must enter the response code in the exact case you see.
! The password in the login data will be masked in the ypops.log.
# More error checking on the Yahoo side and a dialog will pop-up when an error is detected. Some errors will still go undetected because Yahoo does not standardize their error reporting. If you encounter a condition that goes unreported by YPOPs!, please let us know.
# Deleting emails is one again very fast and done at the end of the POP3 session with the email client, as the POP3 protocol calls for. If deletion of any of the emails fails during the end of the session, the error condition is reported back to the client, and the client should realize the emails were not successfully deleted.
# Config options changed and/or moved around:
- "Ignore exact email size" option is now disabled - it will be removed in 0.9.The installer will turn this option on. Email dbeusee at if you need it turned off for any reason.
- "Ignore exact email size" and "Apply limit to message list" are moved to the "Receiving email" config screen so that they are together with the "Maximum number of emails to download per pass".
- Options for downloading inbox/bulk are moved to the Download Folders config screen under "Systems Folders".
- "Cookie Timeout" is renamed to "Keep session alive for __ seconds".
- "User Agent" can now be entered if you don't want to use any of the pull-down choices.
# Upgraded third party libraries to newer versions:
- cUrl 7.15.0 (from 7.13.2)

NOTE: Yahoo! Mail Beta is not supported yet. If you are asked if you want to try Beta, please select "No Thanks!". If YPOPs! stops working, check the html files. If one of them has this Beta prompt, please log into Yahoo web site and choose "No Thanks!". After that, YPOPs! should function fine.

Version 0.8.3 (17th Nov 2005)

! Fixed Yahoo login for https (this fixes the issue for international users).
+ Installer and uninstaller now automatically shuts down ypops before doing anything.

Version 0.8.2 (9th Nov 2005)

+ Pop up a "Yahoo Error" dialog box when Yahoo gives an error when sending emails.
! Put pop-up window in front.

Version 0.8.1 (limited release)

+ Pop up a "Login - Verify" dialog box when Yahoo prompts for verification code when logging in. Yahoo prompts for this from time to time.

Version 0.8.0 (18th Oct 2005)

+ Pop up a "Send - Verify" dialog box when Yahoo prompts for verification code whe sending e-mail. Yahoo prompts for this from time to time depending on your frequency of sending e-mails.

Version 0.7.7 (19th Sep 2005)

! Fixed text only secure mode login. Everyone should switch to https (preferred) or md5!

Version 0.7.6 (8th Sep 2005)

! Fixed for new yahoo changes that prevented ypops from extracting the crumb and finding messages.

Version 0.7.5 (4th Sep 2005)

! Fixed the login process due to changes Yahoo has made (fixes cannot find form error).

Version 0.7.4 (10th May 2005)

! Fixed the login process due to changes Yahoo has made (fixes MD5 login).
! Fixed delete processing to one at a time for robust error handling.
! Fixed core dumps and valgrind warnings.
+ Don't log cookie stuff unless log level is LOG_COOKIE (3) - only possible via regedit at this point.
# Updated logo in help file.
# Upgraded third party libraries to newer versions:
- curl 7.13.2 (from 7.13.0)

Version 0.7.3 (12th March 2005)

! Fixed the login process for md5 security so that deletes work when using this security mode.
! Fixed possible crash if ypops gets an error accessing Yahoo while getting list of emails to download.
! If there is an error accessing a Yahoo web page URL, reset the cUrl library before retrying. This greatly improves success of retry and avoids the
"your login has expired" error.
! If there is a cUrl error, show the message text (not just the error code). This should help users troubleshoot their own problems.
! Fixed "Save email in Yahoo's Sent Items Folder" option. Yahoo changed their web site to cause this to stop working.

Version 0.7.2 (3rd March 2005)

! Yahoo changed their interface, requiring changes in ypops login process in order for deletes to work.

Version 0.7.1 (24th February 2005)

# Upgraded third party libraries to newer versions:
- curl 7.13.0 (from 7.12.1)

Version 0.7.0 (14th February 2005)

# Changed all YahooPOPs! references to YPOPs! to complete the name change. The only reference remaining is the "YahooPops!" image in the help file. Any volunteers to make a new jpeg image for us?
# Troubleshooting is improved! IE users can now view the .html files generated from the Yahoo session to discover the cause of their troubles.
# YPOPs on Unix/Linux will now use directories specified by YPOPS_LOG_DIR and YPOPS_CONFIG_DIR environment variables (at run time) or current directory if not defined. These will no longer be compile time settings. Windows version will look at YPOPS_LOG_DIR as well. In a future release, the Windows version will also look at YPOPS_CONFIG_DIR when YPOPs! uses an .ini file instead of the registry.
# Allow attachments with same name (as is the case with inline images in outlook) to be handed to Yahoo with unique name (e.g. outlook.jpg and outlook.jpg will be outlook.jpg and outlook_2.jpg). The code is primative at this point (I had an email to get out :-)) - if ypops gets outlook.jpg, image2.jpg and outlook.jpg, however unlikely, it will not recognize the dup (it has to be same name as previous attachment. It will be improved later. The log also has more useful messages for troubleshooting issues with attachments.
# A text file (<yahoo account name>.sendmail.txt) is created at the point an email is received on the SMTP port from the email client. This greatly aids in troubleshooting issues with the email format and attachments.
# Installer: Uninstall previous versions if user selects, otherwise abort installation. Uninstall asks if it should delete settings. New ypops startup shortcut is removed on uninstall. Old yahoopops shortcut is removed on install.
! Official release of all 0.6.* beta patches.

Version 0.6.050112 (12th January 2005) BETA

! Fixed formatting of plain/text messages received - caused by Yahoo introducing new DomainKeys header information.
! Fixed various crashes on Solaris.
! Improved speed on message download (re-implemented change in ltd040915a that was inadvertently removed in 050104).

Version 0.6.050104 (4th January 2005) BETA

! Fixed 2 bugs introduced in 0.6.1230: garbled emails and a memory leak.

Version 0.6.1230 (30th December 2004) BETA

! Fixed LOTS of places where YPOPs could have memory overflows, which causes undetermined behavior. This increases robustness/reliability.
This involved re-writing how YPOPs used the regexp library and getting away from using char pointers where possible in favor of the new CStringEx
class (based on CStdString). The CStringEx::Scanf Extension is no longer used.
# YPOPs settings are defaulted more appropriately to eliminate most of the problems reported at forums.
# For Unix, the value YAHOOPOPS_IP_ADDR is introduced (last line) to specify the IP address YPOPs should listen on. Previously, YPOPs on Unix platforms would listen on ANY (see #4), which is a potential security risk.
# For both Unix and Windows, a value of "ANY" is supported for the IP address YPOPs will listen on. This should only be used if YPOPs is expected to
handle mail for programs running on other systems. If the mail client runs on the same system as YPOPs, you should set this setting to (the
default). Any other setting opens YPOPs on the external network and is a potential security risk.
! For Windows, the IP address setting might not be defaulted correctly in some cases (in the user interface) and didn't reflect the IP address used
by the program. This was noticable when the new ANY value was added. This is fixed.
# Updated StdString to latest version.
# Improved "unable to bind" error messages to indicate port and protocol (POP3 or SMTP).

Version 0.6.1216 (16th December 2004) BETA

! Fixed the security issues raised in the following advisory:

Version 0.6.1215 (15th December 2004) BETA

! Fixed upload of attachments that exceeded 1023 bytes. YPOPs would die when this limit was released during attachment upload.

Version 0.6.1109 (9th November 2004) BETA

# Sleep for one second before retrying when message download fails.

Version 0.6.1025 (25th October 2004) BETA

! Fixed downloading/deleting of bulk email due to Yahoo increasing the size of the msg id.
! Fixed truncation of log messages and unpredictable behavior afterwards.
# Improved debugging - write page to file before processing it.
# Added retry logic when download failures occur.
# Upgraded third party libraries to newer versions:
- OpenSSL 0.9.7.d (from 0.9.7.c)
- curl 7.12.1 (from 7.11.2)
! Fixed https secure mode.

Version 0.6.ltd040915a (15th September 2004) BETA

! 'Leave as unread' option will not mark old messages. The name of the option should be changed to 'Don't mark as read' in the future.
# Improved message download speed.
! Fixed crash when email body was empty.
# New option 'Apply Limit to Message List' limits the number of messages that are reported to client (automatically disabled if Ignore exact email size is
! Null content type of retrieved pages (when a network problem occurs) was causing crashing and hanging popup windows.
! Crumb extraction adapted for Yahoo web interface changes.
# YPOPs signs out of the Yahoo! services after each session if the cookie timeout is set to 0 (security improvement).
! Logging of the mailbox usage is adapted for the new Yahoo interface and done with every retrieval of the message list.
! Source code that was missing from 0.6 release is back and fixed, making the 'Ingore exact mail size' option work again.

Version 0.6 (23rd May 2004)

! Installer does not create shortcuts with version numbers embedded in them. This is to ensure that during an upgrade, existing shortcuts are replaced.
+ Headers only download
# Case insensitive protocols
# Improved RCPT TO handling
# Limit on number of downloaded messages
# The email list is dowloaded without parsing locale-dependent content
- Improvement fixing many problems for international users
- A section of CWebBrowser::FetchMailboxList() which determined the language used by the web interface and some declarations in the CWebBrowser class have been removed
- CWebBrowser::FetchMailboxList() scans the folder page only for message ids and presence of a link to the next page
+ Only headers are downloaded for "TOP n 0" command
# With on-demand message download the limit affects the actual message (or headers) transmission, not the list of available emails
# Compatibility with email clients that use protocol commands in lower case (bugfix thanks to David Murphy - glibdud)
! Email::DeleteHeader() is made case insensitive as sometimes "Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable" was not removed
# Address handling when sending has been rewritten to better emulate SMTP.
! Further improvement of fixes for the "dot bug" (Shane's fixes didn't take care of dots in the first line of messages
! A bad pointer during expired session removal is fixed
# Responses are dumped to files after unsuccessful login or headers/body download (improved debugging).
# Code in CWebBrowser::DeleteEmails() is simplified to avoid redundancy (improvement).
+ CWebBrowser::ConnectToYahoo() scans the mail page and logs the usage of mailbox quota (only for new login sessions)
# Upgraded third party libraries to newer versions:
- OpenSSL 0.9.7.c (from 0.9.7.a)
- curl 7.11.2 (from 7.10.3)
# Removed the need for a localization file with alternate parsing technique (experimental)
- Consequently, there is no need for shipping the libxml and iconv DLLs
- This will result in small distributions and YahooPOPs.EXE requiring lesser runtime memory.
# Incorporated two new command line parameters
- "/SILENT" -> Add this if you do not want to be given a popup box if another YP is already running
- "/QUIT" -> This will kill any running instance of YahooPOPs!. This is useful if you're running YP without an the icon hidden in the system tray.

Version 0.5 (3rd August 2003)

# First release from a common code base for all platforms. This will make it easier for use to make release for various platforms around the same time frame.
# Help file now is minimal. This is to reduce the same of the distribution. The details are now being maintained on the website instead.
+ We have dropped XML4C and adopted libxml as the XML library for parsing the localization.xml file. This will make the release file smaller in size. Also, libxml is almost available on all Linux systems.
+ OpenSSL upgraded to version 0.9.7.a (Release binaries downloaded from the libxml website)
+ Danish locale support added
! Proxy bug fixed (Thanks to Victor Morilla)
! Proxy authentication bug fixed (Thanks to Victor Morilla)
! Some memory leaks fixed (Thanks to Victor Morilla)
! "Enable UIDL" fix in reading the YahooPOPs rc file on Linux (Thanks to Tony Quan, Ken Liu & Jason)
! A few bug reports have been fixed:
- Incorrect display on UI that "Deleting emails" when there are no emails to delete

>> Due to the significant changes in the 3rd party libraries being used, we are not making an upgrade release for this version. We recommend that you uninstall the previous version and install this one. This is to ensure that redundant DLLs are removed from the YahooPOPs! directory.
>> The CVS structure will be reorganized around the time this release is being made. The new structure will *not* contain sources for any third party libraries. All these will be made available as separate files that can be downloaded from the website (but not from YahooPOPs! CVS)

Version 0.4.6 (15th June 2003)

# Removed check that either of INBOX or Bulk Mail folder must be checked. User might have some user defined folders to check emails for only
# Improved log dumping for debugging purposes
# Uninstaller now removes the YahooPOPs! shortcut from the startup menu, if it exists.
! 25+ emails can be downloaded without any problems now (timeout issues still remain though). This fix is for emails that span across multiple page lists in the mail folder
! Invalid log file truncation when "limit log size" was unchecked has been fixed
! SMTP Bug fixed: Empty subject lines are now allowed
! When a Yahoo user receives a message encoded with base64, it is automatically decoded when YP requests its body. This happens with encoded HTML messages as well as a message without any text - just a binary attachment. The fix searches for "content-transfer-encoding: base64" and when found it encodes the message back. The header cannot be simply removed, since this would result in downloading binary data and passing it to email client
! Modified HTTP handling code to allow working with binary message bodies
! Receiving SMTP data from client is changed to cope with "\r\n.\r\n" falling on buffer boundary. This does not seem to be an issue with a well written client, but there were voices complaining of YP hanging on DATA request and I believe this could be the reason. Also, a buggy client can submit a not encoded binary attachment (happend with OE, when I changed a bitmap file's extension to nws) which can hang DATA request as well. For this reason data from client is treated as a binary stream instead of text until all zeros are removed and the string will be NULL terminated (a zero in data could trick
YP into losing the rest of buffer). Changing those bytes will not affect the message much, as it is trash anyway
! RCTP address handling is rolled back to my previous implementation without pointers, but with additional fix for RSET handling

Version 0.4.5 (11th May 2003)

+ Multiple instances of YahooPOPs! cannot run now. If an instance of YP is already running, trying to launch YP will result in the Configure dialog of the first being shown.
+ Hide tray icon option added. [Restart YP for change to take affect]
- When icon is hidden, launch YP again to get to the Configure dialog.
+ Registry settings will not overwritten when a new version is installed.
# Yahoo Mail Login success/failure detection code modified
# Locale definition for Sweden added
# Locale definitions of India, UK, New Zealand, USA merged into a single "International" category.
# Email deletion speed improved. 5 emails are now deleted at a time instead of just one at a time.
! Locale definitions for China (Simplified Chinese) updated [Thanks to Jian Yu]
! SMTP bug fixed: BCC (RCPT TO) field was not being cleared after sending an email.

Version 0.4.4 (20th April 2003)

+ Attachment supported for SMTP added [Thanks to newest YP member - Daniel Bryg]
- YP code won't enforce any limitation on attachments in terms of size and number. Whatever received from client will be posted to Yahoo which may reject data if it violates any policy (including viruses, etc). In that case an error will be relayed to the client and message won't be sent
- Some elements embedded in html will be dropped while other may be treated as attachments. For the above reason html emails with many pictures won't be sent with some clients. This is not a big problem since pictures in html are discouraged anyway
+ Support for BCC in SMTP added
# Upgraded libCURL from 7.10.1 to 7.10.3
- The new version has some proxy related fixes which might help. Some memory leaks have been fixed as well.
# If the locale for a session cannot be determined, it is set to Yahoo International ( / USA) by default. Lets see if this helps in solving the "0 Emails found" bug which a few people are reporting.
# If the locale cannot be determined, the INBOX HTML page is dumped to a file called .inbox.html. This file along with the YahooPOPs log file can then
be uploaded as a Support Request to analyze why YahooPOPs could not determine the locale. This should make it easy for us to narrow down the problem.
# There will be no popup error dialogs being shown if there was any problems in parsing the localization.xml file. All this is dumped to the log file now. If it cannot read the file, a default locale of type Yahoo International (English) is created.
# YahooPOPs! configuration details is now saved in the yahoopops.log file. There should be no need to ask people for the YP settings when they report an error now. All they need to do is to enable advanced logs in YP and the config information will be saved to the log file.
# Option to enable/disable UIDL added
# localization.xml file updated for France
# localization.xml file updated for Brazil
# HTTP fetches are retried 3 times before an error is reported. This is a "just-in-case" scenario! If for some reason a connection fails, the retry might help in recovering and fetching the content again
# Email header "X-Rocket-Track" (Yahoo internal header) is now being deleted
! Improved the error handling in the SMTP code
! The value for "Save Emails in Sent Items Folder" was not being reflected properly in the UI, even though it was being saved in the Registry. Fixed
! A 16 byte memory leak when login to Yahoo Mail failed has been fixed

Version 0.4.3 (06th April 2003)

+ SMTP enable/disable feature added (SMTP is disabled by default)
+ "Save Email in Yahoo's Sent Items Folder" added
# Minor changes to SMTP for compatibility with Mozilla 1.3 [Thanks to Daniel Bryg]
# Help file updated to reflect all features/changes till this version. Finally!!!
! A few more memory leaks fixed
- There was a leak with every HTTP request (The HTTP headers were not being released)
! If proxy was being used, the following features would not work:
- Empty Trash
- Emptying Bulk Mail folder
- Sending emails
This have been fixed now.

Version 0.4.2 (22nd March 2003)

+ UIDL support added [Thanks to Leif Jensen & Brian Gunlogson]
+ "Always on Top" for email download status added [Thanks to Brian Gunlogson]
# Improved SMTP support [Thanks to Daniel Bryg]
- AUTH LOGIN support implemented. [Just enable "Authentication required by outgoing server" in your mail client]
- Support for HTML emails
<<< SMTP is still very much experimental. Do not use it in a production environment >>>
# Renamed the "log" variable to "logFile" to avoid conflicts when using gcc 3.x on Linux [Thanks to Leif Jensen]
# Updated definition for Italian localization [Thanks to Danilo Schembri]
! "Start In" folder bug fixed for YahooPOPs! shortcut in the Startup folder.
! LIST index out of bounds bug fixed. This should result in downloaded emails from not "disappearing"
! A few memory leaks have been resolved
! Makes sure messages are not deleted with leave messages on server option is checked. [Thanks to Brian Gunlogson]

Version 0.4.1 (20th March 2003)

! Fixed email downloading bug. [Thanks to Daniel Bryg - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
This version was not released as a Windows Installer release, but just YahooPOPs.exe was provided.

Version 0.4 (Experimental) (13th November 2002)

+ Basic SMTP support added. Emails (Text/HTML) can be sent via YahooPOPs!. Attachment support is not present in this release.
+ Localization information moved out of binary to XML file. This will make it convenient for end-users to configure YahooPOPs! themselves for their language. XML4C is being used for this.
- The "Yahoo Interface" configuration option has been removed as it is not required any longer. The XML file contains all the information required.
+ HTTP functionality is now being provided by libcurl. This should improve the stability of the YahooPOPs connectivity with Yahoo Mail's website.
+ Support for persistent connections
+ "Empty Bulk Mail on Exit" provided. There is no need to download emails in the Bulk Mail folder to delete them now. Simply enable this option and disable "Download Bulk Mails" to delete the contents of the bulk mail folder at the end of the session.
+ All emails not have a "X-YahooPOPs-Folder" header. The value of this header is the Yahoo Mail folder from which the email was downloaded.
! Network I.P list in the Configuration dialog showed twice if localhost was the only I.P available. This has been fixed.

Version 0.3.9 (1st November 2002)

! Attachment download bug fixed
! A few memory overrun issues in the HttpSession class fixed

Version 0.3.8 (6th October 2002)

+ Uninstaller deletes registry entries. This should make it easier to install newer versions
+ "Check for new version" implemented
! "Mark messages as unread" bug fixed
! "Connection reset by peer" bug fixed

Version 0.3.7 (1st October 2002)

! Disclaimer dialog bug fixed
! User-defined folders bug fixed
! Inbox email always downloaded bug fixed
# "Beta Interface" of Yahoo Mail renamed to "NewLook Interface". This is not a standard term used by Yahoo. I just thought it was better suited than "Beta".
# Help file updated - A Full version and Compact version released.

Version 0.3.6 (15th September 2002) - Compact Release Only

+ Support for downloading emails from user-defined folders
+ Tooltips (Thanks to mYstic Y0gi)
# Removed the YahooPOPs! user agent string. Mozilla is the default user agent string from this release.
! Fixed the bugs which caused 0.3.5 to be so unstable.
! The POP3 USER and PASS commands are now accepted in any case.
! Fixed the proxy authentication bugs. The code is currently experimental and I cannot assure that it will work properly! Send in your feedback if you face problems with the proxy auth feature. (PS: Digest authentication is not supported). I have tested this using FreeProxy and NetProxy.
! Username and password are now encoded for special characters like &.

Version 0.3.5 (20th July 2002) [Withdrawn on 27th July because of a serious bug]

+ Autostart YahooPOPs! when Windows starts
+ The executable is being compressed using UPX from this release onwards. UPX helps reduce the disk space requirements by compressing the EXE by almost 50%.
# HTML emails should be better supported now (Thanks to mYstic Y0gi)
# Removed dependency on HTML Help developer libraries (Thanks to mYstic Y0gi)
# Internationization:
- Support for Spanish
- Support for Simplified Chinese (Thanks to X. F. Chen)
[Needs to be tested because I'm not using Unicode strings!]
# Delete only 25 emails at a time rather than all emails in one shot (Yahoo! Mail allows 25 emails to be deleted at a time only). This is to ensure that the URL does not become too large for Yahoo to handle! This change has been brought about because some people reported that email deletion was not functioning when there were a large number of emails.
# Help file is now available in Russian. Download it from the website. (Thanks to Ssergey)
# Internal code restructure: (Thanks to mYstic Y0gi for the suggestion)
- Unused functions removed from CHyperLink, CProgressWnd and CTrayIcon classes.

- The SaveData() function in the configure dialog pages have been optimized to ensure that one call to it is sufficient to save the data. Initially, two calls were being made.
# MIME parsing library integrated into code.
- SMTP email parsing is integrated into the code.
- SMTP module is not available yet. Wait for 0.4 :)
! Secure login bug fixed. (Partial fix provided by Brian Gunlogson)
! When both secure login and MD5 hashed passwords were enabled, YahooPOPs! used to crash. This bug has been fixed.
! GetEmail bug fixed (Thanks to Mark Salazar)
! HttpClient::DoGet recursing bug fixed (Thanks to Terry Mullett)
! "Network Edition" bug fix -- YahooPOPs was always listening on localhost!!

Version 0.3.4 (30th June 2002) "Network Edition"

+ Activity Log
+ Support for Yahoo Argentina (Thanks to Gabriel Carro)
+ Network support. If your PC is on the network, you can select the IP address on which YahooPOPs should run.
+ Leave messages as unread on the server (for messages not deleted)
# Configuration details for Netscape 4.7x added to Help
# YahooPOPs does not quit when port 110 is not available. This is to ensure that you can change the port in YahooPOPs to something else.
! Silent mode bug fixed
! Empty trash on exit bug fixed (Thanks to Brian Gunlogson)
! Static memory overrun during startup fixed
! Multiple configure dialog popups fixed
! "Invalid password dialog" popup in email clients fixed (Thanks to mYstic Y0gi)

Version 0.3.3 (23rd June 2002)

+ Document on how to compile YahooPOPs! added --> Needs to be verified by someone.
+ Support for the new Yahoo! Mail Beta site
+ Option to change the POP3 port. Next release will support changing of IP address as well.
# Configuration details for Eudora added to Help
# Support for the (United Kingdom) website
! Proxy authentication information was not being saved. Someone, please test the proxy auth feature. I do not have access to a proxy server with proxy auth enabled. :(
! If "Max emails per session" feature was being used with a value less than 25, then emails were not being deleted.
- Removed deletion of Yahoo specific email headers. Their deletion was of no use.
- Removed addition of the "Content-Length" header. This is an optional header and email clients work without it.

Version 0.3.2 (17th June 2002)

+ Quiet (Silent) mode added. When enabled no dialogs popup when emails are being downloaded
! Configuration details were not being saved. This has been fixed
! User agent persistence bug fixed
! Fixed bug in LIST response which prevented it from working with Eudora
# Configuration details for nPOP added to Help

Version 0.3.1 (15th June 2002)

! DeleteHeader bug fix provided by zerosum
# Improved help file (Details for Outlook Express, Mozilla, Lotus Notes, Incredimail, etc.)

Version 0.3 (30th May 2002)

+ Proxy authentication support
+ Empty trash on exit
+ Support for the bulk mail folder
+ Option to cancel email downloading
+ Downloading of ALL emails, or UNREAD emails or FLAGGED emails
# Improved configuration dialog
! An HTTP GET was been carried out for deletion of emails even when there were no mails to delete (either no DELEs sent by the client or the mailbox was empty). This has been fixed. QUIT command should be processed faster in scenarios where no emails are to be deleted from the mail server.

Version 0.2 (26th May 2002)

! Progress bar status bug fixed
+ Secure password transmission using MD5
+ SSL support using OpenSSL
# The maximum number of emails per session has been increased to 1000 (from 100)

Version 0.1.1 (24th May 2002)

! Increased username and password decoding variables to store upto 80 characters. The previous version had support for a string of 20 characters only and this was not sufficient under all circumstances.
! Empty mailboxes were not being handled correctly. Clients used to report an error. Even though a minor issue, this has been fixed. Now clients mention, "No new mails" or something similar.
! The configured user agent field was not being used for the requests to the Yahoo Website.
! Emails were not being deleted at all times during the UPDATE phase. This has been fixed. Also, rather than deleting each email one at a time, along the emails marked as deleted are being deleted in one request.
# Rather than waiting for all messages to download before sending the "+OK Mailbox open with X messages", now this message in a modified format is sent immediately after the login is successful. The idea is to reset the timeout counter in the email client.
# Graceful exit if another copy of the application is already running.
# First round of code cleanup
# Moved most "char *"s to CStdString for better memory management.
# All GET and POST requests now handle page redirects.
+ Progress bar showing status of email downloads
+ Integrated help system
+ Maximum emails to be downloaded per session can be configured now. This is to ensure that the POP3 client does not time out when you have a large number of emails.

Version 0.1 (18th May 2002)

+ POP3 support
+ HTTP Proxy support
+ Localization for US, India, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Brazil
+ Multithreaded library allowing multiple clients to be serviced at the same time
+ Runs in the system tray
+ Configuration dialog
+ Install system using Nullsoft NSIS


+ Feature Addition
- Feature Removal
! Bug Fix
# Feature/Performance Enhancement
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