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1. Link   About.com Review of YPOPs!
A 4/5 rating provided by About.com.

The Bottom Line - YPOPs! provides reliable, flexible, easy to use and secure access to your Yahoo! Mail account in any email client. If it could also act as an IMAP interface, YPOPs! would be perfect.
2. Link   Komando.com, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show - Cool, Useful, Fun Freebie
3. Link   Mouthshut.com
"...So now, instead of all those clicks, just start your mail client, alongside YahooPOPs, and go the usual smooth way to connect to your mailbox o­n Yahoo! Mail, download the mails and read, write at ease. ...The program is tiny in size and doesn’t gobble up your precious processor or memory resources. It stays out of your way in the system tray. o­nce you have filled in the details of your yahoo mail account, you can even forget about its presence!"

Program recommended by 90%+ people who have read the review.
4. Link   The CUCUG Status Register
5. Link   WinXP News
Many people were left out in the cold when Yahoo decided to charge for its POP3 mail service. POP3 mail allows you to use programs like Outlook and Outlook Express to download mail to your computer. If you want free Yahoo mail now, you have to use their Web service and read your mail online in the browser. But there's a solution. Check out YahooPOPs! if you want to download mail from Yahoo mail without paying the fee.
6. Link   WinXP Fix
A 5/5 rating at WinXPFix
7. Link   Woody's Office Watch
...There's a fascinating program called YPOPs...
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